Organizing Committee
OCM Member
CEO & Founder @ Regenerage Medicine , Mexico
Biography :

Mr. De la Parra is an entrepreneur focused on Information Technology, Education and Health. He is creative and results-driven and has 16+ years of Digital Strategy experience in architecture and implementation. Mr. De la Parra is the COO and Co-founding Partner at The Solomon Brokerage Firm. He currently leads as CEO at Mass Media Dynamics and De la Parra Mobile Solutions and is former CEO & Founder at Astrum Salud Móvil and its Telemedicine service Astrum Móvil. Moreover, he is COO & Co-founder at RegenerAge Clinic & RegenerAge Beauty, the Digital Strategy Director & Co-founder at Dr. Jois®, BiorganicAging, What Skin Needs/WSN International Pty. Ltd. He also serves as current CMO at ReAnima Advanced Biosciences and is the Digital Media Director at Bioquark, Inc. He is also the former Latin America Region Manager and Digital Strategy adviser at CardiacSense and former CITO & Senior Partner at Cerezo Editores. Within the academic and educational fields, Mr. De la Parra acts as the Executive Vice President: Executive Chairman of the WAMS Mobile Health Division, WAMS Chief Coordinating Officer, a member of the WAMS Executive Council (WAMS Executive Board), a member of the WAMS Education & Training Board (ETB), a member of the WAMS Editorial Board, an Honorary Member of the Academy Faculty FWAMS, an Honorary Fellow of the Academy & is also a Senior Partner at WAMS, The World Academy of Medical Sciences. He also functions as the Chief Operating Officer and is a Co-founding Partner at The Reprogramming Medicine Association. Mr. De la Parra is also a member of the National Introducing Brokers Association and a part of the National Biofuel Board, (Alliance Program), also being the founder and former Board of Directors member of Astrum Fundación, an Advisory Board member of the Lifeboat Foundation, an Advisory Board member of the Future Worlds Center -Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute (Senior TV Program), a Federated member of the International Longevity Alliance, and volunteered as Digital Strategy adviser at the Major Mouse Testing Program. He is also a member of the Web Committee at the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation / and has volunteered with SENS Research Foundation for the OncoSENS Program in Digital Strategy.

OCM Member
Pharmacology & Toxicology Department
Ain-Shams University , Scotland
Biography :

Iron overload is one of mechanisms by which HCV causes oxidative stress that may contribute to liver fibrosis and carcinogenesis. The therapeutic benefit of adding iron chelators to treatment regimen of HCV patients are warranted because: firstly, clinical data reported that excess iron deposits are found in the liver samples from about 20% of HCV-positive patients. Secondly, hepatic iron load enhances the levels of eukaryotic initiation factor 3, which is essential for HCV translation. Through an international joint project entitled "Investigating the coagulation profiles and the role of iron in patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV): Impact of iron chelators in attenuating thrombosis and liver fibrosis", we investigated the potential antifibrotic effects of different iron chelators, and the underlying mechanisms through studying different oxidative stress, inflammatory and fibrotic markers.

OCM Member
Medicine and Immunology
Sechenov University , Russia
Biography :

Dr Sergey Suchkov, MD, PhD. Professor in Immunology & Medicine. Personal: Born 11 January 1957, Astrakhan, Russia. divorced; two sons. Education: MD, Astrakhan State Medical University, Russia, 1980; PhD, I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy and Institute of Medical Enzymology, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, 1985; Doctor Degree, National Institute of Immunology, Russia, 2001. Positions held: Post Doc Research Associate, Institute of Medical Enzymology, 1985-87; Senior Research Associate, Koltzov Institute of Developmental Biology, USSR Academy of Sciences, 1987-89; Head of the Lab of Immunology and Immunobiotechnology, Helmholtz Eye Research Institute in Moscow, 1989-95; Trainee, Laboratory of Immunology, NEI, Bethesda, MD, USA, NIH and Laboratory of Immunology, Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, USA, as well as at some of the British Universities on the invitation of the Royal Society for Immunology, 1989; Chairman, Department for Clinical Immunology, Moscow Clinical Research Institute and the Immunologist-in-Chief of the Moscow Regional Ministry of Health, 1995-2004; Executive Secretary-in-Chief of the Editorial Board, Biomedical Science International journal, 1993-1996; Professor in Medicine and Immunology, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow Medical University and Faculty Chairman & Director of the Department of Preventive, Personalized and Translational Medicine, A.I.Evdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine & Dentistry. Honours: Secretary General, United Cultural Convention, Cambridge, UK. Memberships: New York Academy of Sciences, USA; European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine, Brussels; American Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology; International Society for Eye Research; EPMA Journal, Personalized Medicine Universe, Open J.Autoimmunity and American J.Cardiovascular Res. Editorial Boards; All-Union (from 1992 - Russian) Biochemical Society; All-Union (from 1992 - Russian) Immunological Society.

OCM Member
Amity University , India
Biography :

Suneela Dhaneshwar Ph.D. is the Director of Amity Institute of Pharmacy, Deputy Dean of Research and Head; Directorate of Research & Publications at Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow Campus, Lucknow, UP, India. She is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry with 23 years of teaching and 28 years of research experience. She earned her Ph. D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Indore, India in 1996 with a special emphasis on designing prodrug strategies to lower ulcerogenic potential of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for which she was awarded Senior Research Fellowship from Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, India.

OCM Member
President, Drug Research
Prescription Drug Research Center , USA
Biography :

Mr. Bianchi is currently the President and Chief of Scientific and Technical Affairs at the Prescription Drug Research Center, Bradenton, FL. He retired as a laboratory director for the Drug Enforcement Administration after 34 years of federal service, where he held increasingly responsible positions as an analytical chemist for the FDA and DEA to the chief of DEA's Laboratory Operations Section. Mr. Bianchi was also director of the DEA Special Testing and Research Laboratory where extractability experiments were conducted more than twenty years ago. Since 2005 he has been working with the pharmaceutical industry and FDA on developing in vitro protocols to evaluate abuse deterrent formulations and has been actively involved is sharing his experience with the regulatory, treatment, pharmaceutical abuse and law enforcement community. For the last decade, he has participated dozens of category 1 studies on abuse-deterrent opioid formulations, appeared as a panelist and presenter at abuse deterrent formulation & prescription drug abuse professional meetings. Mr. Bianchi has provided drug related consultations to more than thirty organizations/companies concerned about OTC & prescription drug abuse and has made numerous presentations to the regulatory, treatment, pharmaceutical, abuse and law enforcement communities. Mr. Bianchi is also a Special Government Employee for participation in the FDA Anesthetic and Life Support Drugs Advisory Committee and the Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee meetings.

Research Interest :

Drug Safety and Risk Management

OCM Member
CEO & Founder @ Regenerage Medicine , Mexico
Biography :

Dr Joel I. Osorio is an innovative businessman with a distinct entrepreneurial mindset concentrated adding value on areas of Biotechnology(mRNA), Reprogramming & Regenerative Medicine for translational use in humans and a variety of clinical applications aimed for both the private and the public health sectors. Dr. Osorio is the Founder, President, and CEO of RegenerAge Clinic and RegenerAge Beauty initiatives for transnational implementations. Vice President and International Clinical Developer for Bioquark, Inc. Executive Vice President: Chairman of the WAMS Americas Division, member of the WAMS Executive Council (WAMS Executive Board), a member of the WAMS Education & Training Board (ETB), a member of the WAMS Editorial Board, an Honorary Member of the Academy Faculty FWAMS, an Honorary Fellow of the Academy & is also a Senior Partner at WAMS, The World Academy of Medical Sciences.

OCM Member
Chairman/Member , Environmental Engineering
Pondicherry University , India
Biography :

Prof S. A. Abbasi has been a full university professor since 1987 after being Head-in-charge of the Water Quality & Environment Division at the Centre for Water Resources, Kozhikode, during 1979-87. He was a Visiting-cum-adjunct Professor at California State University during 1984-1987, and has been a Visiting Professor at the universities of Minnesota, Florida, California?Berkeley, Malaya and Al-Ahsa. With 43 books, over 400 papers in indexed journals, 9 patents, close to 10,000 citations and a Hirsch Index currently at 55, Prof Abbasi is among the world’s foremost experts in the fields of process safety and environmental engineering. Among numerous coveted honours and awards received by him are the National Design Award in Environmental Engineering, the IPCL award for Safety and Hazard Management in Petroleum Industries, the National Hydrology Award, the International Desalination Association’s prize, and fellowships of the National Academy of Sciences and the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers. He has been Member, Board of Governors, IIT Roorkee, Member of the BHU Court, and has been Chairman/Member of numerous high-level governmental committees. Prof Abbasi is also well-known for his poetry (ghazal and geet), fiction, and his work on fostering inter-faith harmony. In 1991 Prof Abbasi had set up, and has led since then, a research group on accident forecasting, risk assessment, and occupational safety at Pondicherry University. The group is among the most productive in Asia and has spearheaded the Indian R & D thrust in this field all through

Research Interest :

Safety and Hazard Management in Petroleum Industries

OCM Member
Medical university Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University- Sofia , Bulgaria
Biography :

Prof. Assena Stoimenova received the M.S. degree in pharmacy from Medical University-Sofia, in 1996, the Ph.D. degree in social medicines and organization of healthcare and pharmacy in 2007, and the M.S. degree in health management and public health in 2012, both from Medical University-Sofia. She was Associate Professor at the Department of social pharmacy and pharmacoeconomics, Faculty of pharmacy, Medical University in Sofia for 6 years and as of July this year she is a full professor at the Health Policy and Management Department in the Faculty of public health, Medical University-Sofia. Her research interests include quality management, pharmacoeconomics, pharmaceutical legislation, social pharmacy, postgraduate education of pharmacists and medicinal products and food supplements usage. Prof. Stoimenova is author and co-author of more than 100 articles in scientific journals in her areas of research interests. She is lead auditor for ISO 9001, specialized in health care (pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers, CROs, hospitals etc.) As quality consultant, she developed more than 30 quality management systems in the area of pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution of medicines. She served as Chairman of Quality Committee of Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union (2007-2010) and as Vice President of Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union (2010-2013). Besides her academic carrier, prof. Stoimenova gained more than 14 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of quality management, regulatory affairs, marketing and drug safety. Former member of National Council of Pricing and Reimbursement – 2013-2014. Since Jul.2014 prof. Stoimenova is Executive Director of Bulgarian Drug Agency.

OCM Member
Universita Di Roma , Italy
Biography :

Dr. Di Paola got her doctorate in Chemical Industrial Processes at the University Roma “La Sapienza”. She collaborated, during her doctorate, with prof. JM Prausnitz and H. Blanch at the University of California at Berkeley. Currently she is Assistant Professor at the University Campus Biomedico in Rome. Her research interests span from bioinformatics to biotechnological processes. She’s author of 45 papers on international journals and books. She’s Editor-in-chief of the "International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review", Associate Editor for Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics; Advances in Systems Biology; International Journal of Medical Biotechnology & Genetics(IJMBG) and Book Review Editor for "Current Bioinformatics". She was in the Organizing Committee of 5th Global Chemistry Congress (London, September 04-06 2017) and she will be part of the Organizing Committee of the forthcoming Euro Chemistry Conference (Rome, June 11-13, 2018) and of the 7th World Congress Nanotechnology & Materials Science (Frankfurt, November 05-07, 2018).

OCM Member
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Taibah University, Prince Nayef Road, P.O. Box 344, Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah 42353, Saudi Arabia , Saudi Arabia
Biography :

Prof. Imran Ali is a world recognized highly cited academician and researcher. He completed his Ph.D. at the age of 28 years from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, India. Prof. Ali is known globally due his great contribution in anti-cancer and chiral drugs development and water treatment. He has published more than 400 papers in reputed journals including papers in Nature and Chemical Reviews of more than 46 impact factors. He has also five books published by Marcel Dekker, Inc., USA; Taylor & Francis, USA; John Wiley & Sons, USA; John Wiley & Sons, UK; Elsevier, The Netherlands. His citation is 14,500 with h-index 49 and i10-index 180.

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